Dancing Dialogue


  • dance movement psychotherapy – individual, parent – infant/child, family, couples
  • social skills classes

Wellness programs:

  • creative & modern dance
  • baby & me
  • meditative dance
  • yoga
  • couples social dance, swing, ballroom styles

Children's Wellness Class content includes:

  • musical awareness
  • enhancing motor skill/coordination
  • exploring the written word in literature and poetry
  • body awareness and alignment
  • breath and relaxation techniques
  • and a discovery of shape and form through art, and personal drawings as sources for
    individual dance interpretation

The younger children will work on creating simple choreographs assisted by the teachers, while the older children will develop more complex dances on their own and with partners, within the added structure of yoga and modern dance.

Adult Wellness classes offer a variety of forms, from structured techniques such as yoga, ballroom dancing, modern dance, and fitness; to more inner focused explorations through movement mediation and authentic movement.